you know its like no one can be perfect….and no what?….. nobody cares…whateva you wanna do..whateva you can do is just there…no there…ya right…that’s the place..YOUR HEART….ONE DAY WHEN YOU WILL GROW UP..(i don’t care if you are already grown up..just jokin’ ;0 ) will you go back to that place where you had your schooling? will you ever try to meet your kindergarten teacher ?….its like everything comes back in flashes…when its all over.. and you have time to sit and think…you will realize what were the things that you missed trying to achieve that perfection…..all those things that were important to you…friends..happiness…LOVE..<3,,,so just be who you are..bcs everyone else are not perfect….no one will ever help u if u don’t try…try not to be perfect…try to be a step above beast and a step down angels…try to be human…you have got through it and i know you will grow through it if you will be who you are ……be real be nice…i know u r thinking that this girl…is she mad or whaT? SAYING ALL THAT BLA BLA..RIGHT?….but just think about it……..:)


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