Is it love?

i have been searching places i don’t know…

for that one last time please don’t stop me from letting you go….

its like we pull apart only to fall together,

the misery of a two broken hearts who have to spend the night in this cold weather,

you told me you won’t leave me alone,

maybe that’s the reason everytime you call me i can’t pick up that nasty phone,

months passed by and i haven’t seen you like you and me are having something that only you know,

I remember when you called me love but can’t  remember the time when you were there when i was feeling low,

“we” is like a tragedy that we both share in our separate kind of malady,

you think about me but i think about what we had which suddenly drained by the force of gravity,

so its better we think about what we have not about something we had,

because we need to find a point to this before we both go mad….


but…maybe….the right thing….




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