Is it love?

i have been searching places i don’t know…

for that one last time please don’t stop me from letting you go….

its like we pull apart only to fall together,

the misery of a two broken hearts who have to spend the night in this cold weather,

you told me you won’t leave me alone,

maybe that’s the reason everytime you call me i can’t pick up that nasty phone,

months passed by and i haven’t seen you like you and me are having something that only you know,

I remember when you called me love but can’t ┬áremember the time when you were there when i was feeling low,

“we” is like a tragedy that we both share in our separate kind of malady,

you think about me but i think about what we had which suddenly drained by the force of gravity,

so its better we think about what we have not about something we had,

because we need to find a point to this before we both go mad….


but…maybe….the right thing….




what makes you happy?

i have been searching all the way through internet asking people…bloggers…strangers..and no matter…my aunt…that what is that one thing that makes you happy…for me its music so I am sharing the list of my fav songs..only for you guys…

1.Maps – Maroon 5 – MAX and Alyson Stoner Cover

2.Dark Horse (Acoustic Cover)

3.Katy Perry – Firework

4.Katy Perry – Roar (Official)

5.part of me

6.CUPS!! – Pitch Perfect – Sam Tsui, Alex G, Kina Grannis, Kurt Schneider

7.Epic Patty Cake Song (I’ll Think Of You)

8.Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do (Official Video)

9.Ellie Goulding – Burn


so…this is it…if you guys have anything to tell( what makes you happy ?) sb7pnk-l-610x610-dress-white-dress-white-summer-dress-jewels-cute-cute-dress-hippie-hipster-girly-girls-weheartit-beautiful-classy-summer-outfits-skirt-tumblr-girl-tumblr-vintage-indie-top-fashion.jpggo ahead…lets see what you have got…:0

madness and tragedy

So life is a form of a pretty lie which you seek to furnish with great loyalty, trust, and compassion…huh? like you can lie to someone…let it be the whole world..but then there is the ONE inside of you who know what is right..

LIFE..its the only treasure we have to take along and finally say that we did a great job…or is…life..and no matter what…you have to give it a perfect happy matter its a truth or a lie…THE JOURNEY MUST GO ON…

One day, i met this guy on a train who supposed to be married to a woman he loved…all his life from the age of 12 years to now when he was 29 years old…like for so many years they were together…went to school together..then college..and now after 5 years of being married to this woman he finds out that its not what he wanted… not what he wished to have…STRANGE…to me it was all the way different as I heard this from that guy on the train ….you know….and the reason he told me all of this was because I was the girl who first made them know each other…Yea…old school friends…and besides…you get to know this when you know the fact there divorce was on the row…

The reason i told you whole of this story? Its not for the sake of feeling sorry for them..its for the sake of knowing what happened..NEXT…after talking to this guy…i rang up… his wife and talked to her about the case and to my surprise she was all the way more eager to get a divorce from this guy…now what? you must be thinking i made some plans to get these two together because i thought the belonged together?..NAH..not my cup of tea…(hmm..go on..judge me…). Back on the train when i was talking to this guy whom you might be thinking is a idiot (that’s what i felt….oh…for the girl..the same..) . i asked him about some future plans to carry on with his life…to the question he answered that he found a new job in Bangalore…(that’s the place the train was heading to….)…yea…he was running away….he didn’t want to face the family who told him that the girl is not the right match…people who kept on asking what really happened and showed their fake sorry….the girl herself who lived two blocks away from his place at her parent’s house….still the heading and the story don’t get along…RIGHT? will…trust me…

Then another day i was wondering about these two people and how good friends we were back in those days when we were kids…I called the girl and asked her about how everything was going…and she asked that can we both meet…but unfortunately we couldn’t because we were far away from each other…next i know is i skyped her and she looked as it is when I changed so much in these years…in our chat i discovered that she was 3 months pregnant and the guy didn’t had a clue about it…the explanation was…they both went to this pool party and then she ended with this…before she could tell him..he told her that he was over her and they both should part their ways….and she and her self esteem…you know..and now when they have their trial period in next 1 week….I MEAN THE SITUATION WAS SO CINEMATIC…. this is something we call a big TRAGEDY…

This is so much of being a nuisance… but i called him up and told him to meet me down my building…and he did….

THEN? come on… you know…the kid had his 3rd happiest birthday a day back with his mom and dad who decided to separate 4 years back but reconciled for the sake of their little one…

the guy on the train also tweeted-” life is just what I wanted…and ever wished for…THANKS to my beautiful wife and son…”

and i tweeted.. “IDIOT…@(i can’t tell you..:) )” but finally..I said what i wanted to…

so girls and guys…go figure out….the correct definition of happiness as no matter how long it takes one day you too will have that moment of madness or that of tragedy…




no one is perfect…

no one is perfect…

you know its like no one can be perfect….and no what?….. nobody cares…whateva you wanna do..whateva you can do is just there…no there…ya right…that’s the place..YOUR HEART….ONE DAY WHEN YOU WILL GROW UP..(i don’t care if you are already grown up..just jokin’ ;0 ) will you go back to that place where you had your schooling? will you ever try to meet your kindergarten teacher ?….its like everything comes back in flashes…when its all over.. and you have time to sit and think…you will realize what were the things that you missed trying to achieve that perfection…..all those things that were important to you…friends..happiness…LOVE..<3,,,so just be who you are..bcs everyone else are not perfect….no one will ever help u if u don’t try…try not to be perfect…try to be a step above beast and a step down angels…try to be human…you have got through it and i know you will grow through it if you will be who you are ……be real be nice…i know u r thinking that this girl…is she mad or whaT? SAYING ALL THAT BLA BLA..RIGHT?….but just think about it……..:)